About Humble & Grand

Humble & Grand specialise in offering the best New Zealand and internationally designed Furniture pieces and Homewares. Furniture & Homeware trends evolve every day, time doesn’t stand still and neither do our products. Humble & Grand is here to help you design a more sustainable, beautifully crafted and unique home.

The beginning, 2015

As Husband team Jono and Damo began to renovate their 1950’s house, Jono decided to make the art for it and style the house to suit themselves. Friends and Family also loved Jono’s creative style too, so they set up their own home décor business. Selling at Markets throughout the Wellington Region.

Physical Store Opening, 2017

Jono and Damo wanted to open their own Furniture & Homeware Store to showcase their products as well as goods and Furniture from New Zealand & abroad, So the "Created" Store was opened in Upper Hutt, Wellington.

Still Going Strong, 2020

Years on, Created was still going strong, and quickly became Upper Hutt’s largest independent Furniture Retailer, designing and importing pieces from all over the Globe!

Rebrand! Humble and Grand, 2020

New name same cool stuff. Started from humble beginnings to now evolving into something grand. A new name and brand identity to bring them into a new chapter of their journey.

You can be assured that by purchasing from Humble & Grand, you are suppotrting a small NZ Owned and Opperated business and putting your money back into the Local Ecconomy. Jono & Damo also work with NZ based LGBTQIA+ Charities and donate a portion of their Pride Sock Collection to these amazing causes.

Moving on up in 2023....

Humble & Grand is now one of NZ's Largest Furniture & Homeware Retailers & has been featured in Magazine like, "Your Home & Garden", "NZ House and Garden", "Kia Ora Magazine"as well as articles in "The Post", "Stuff" & various local Newspapers which you can read here :



New Store location now at 106 Main Street, Upper hutt.