New Store at 106 Main St Now Open !!!

Our Ethos

Firstly, at Humble & Grand we welcome everyone!

Being proudly Queer owned, we strive to create a judgement free, warm and welcoming space. When you enter our store we appreciate you showing the same respect, welcoming and acceptance into our inclusive store.

When shopping with us please consider the following:

We want to treat everyone with understanding and respect, from our suppliers to our customers and everyone in between.
With this in mind, first, we want to ensure that we can offer all our customers the best possible price all year round. To do so, we source and price our products to their true value and we do not price our products to go on sale. 

You will see this on many of our Furniture items where we have listed the RRP that most retailers sell these pieces & the savings you will get from buying from us at any time of the year!

Besides guaranteeing fairness for all our customers it also helps us ensure we are paying our suppliers and staff a fair and reasonable amount for their work and products.

Second, we think there is nothing more frustrating than when you buy something and then see it ‘on sale’ two weeks later! We don’t want our customers to feel ‘buyers remorse’, so we keep it consistent for everyone, year-round.
As a brand we believe that you should only purchase something if you really, truly love it. We always try to source quality pieces that you can enjoy year after year. We believe this longevity reflects in the price and we believe that Humble & Grand products can carry you through years of family fun in your home.